Help with alternative options for building shape

Hi all,

I have attached a file showing what I am trying to achieve.The red circle shows how I would like the end to look and the blue circle shows essentially what I am slicing away. I know I could boolean the shape away but I am interested in learning how to construct the shape from scratch. Basically what I am having trouble with is forming the correct curve on the back of the pyramid shape. I have tried to illustrate how the pyramid shape would not be made of straight lines but more as if you had sliced a section from the solid at an angle. (Such as seen in the blue circle)

If it’s not feasible that’s fine, I thought the skills I might learn may help on other projects.


Please feel free to tell me if the illustration is hard to visualise.

FW.pdf (275.1 KB)

I guess I’d make a Revolve of the triangular section curve and cut the ends with spheres or sections of a sphere.

Cut_PG.3dm (146.1 KB)


Sorry I think my drawing probably didn’t illustrate very well. I have done it by trimming so people can mess around with it as see the curve on the angle where it is cut. Can this be done by constructing it through curves and then covering to make a polysurface?

1.3dm (70.9 KB)

Do you want the two surfaces to curve together smoothly to a point, or did you want to keep the angled cut?

1a.3dm (129.4 KB)

An angle cut if that is much different from your model? Your model does have the feature I was struggling with. Could you talk me through how you created your model.

If you look at the layers, there are step-by-step instructions.