Need help with modeling

I’m trying to model this shape but I can’t figure out how :frowning: Can anyone help please?

Consider modeling the main curved shape first, and slicing off the flat part and Capping it second.


here is a model that I built.
forme.3dm (166.8 KB)

this is an approximation of your photos.
I do not know if it is a model which must respect precise dimensions, but the idea is just to give you the shape.


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Thank you so much! I’m so sorry but could you post it as rhino5.0 version? I can’t seem to open it :confused:

le voici
forme v5.3dm (163.3 KB)

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Surface Loft with match tangency checked. Then a little bit of point editing and or changing Surface degree. To match your desired shape.


Merci!! Can I ask the process you took to model this? :slight_smile:

@emh here is the video
the approach is just to give an idea for the steps to be taken to build the model.

however I think the @Stratosfear suggestion is better in terms of quality and geometric simplicity.
the surfaces that you will obtain with this approach do not contain any singularity.

I can explain it in a video if you want

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Can you post the curves?

Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure out the surface loft method too but I can’t seem to get the shape I want :confused:

rogh curves.3dm (2.4 MB)
This the the rough curves file!

Thank you! Could I see a video of how this was made by any chance? :confused:

Due to life, I have not been able to play with this interesting problem as much as I would have liked.

However, I note one thing that makes this problem more difficult. That is the curve highlighted. Note that it is tangent to the line I have drawn across the face. That means there has to be a transition from tangency to the flat face.

It also mean that you cannot extend the curves, build a surface, then slice off the flat face.

can you share the input curves?

I used the ones posted above.