Help with a more efficient way to create arches between lines

I have a set of curves and I’m trying to create vaulted arches between them.

I figured out a way to do it but I can’t help but feel there’s a more efficient way to do it.

Essentially I used divide curve on the set then put that through the explode tree component. Then “chose” which points to create lines between and found the mid points of those lines. Then moved the midpoint up a certain distance and used the three point arc to create arches and finally lofted those to create the vaults.

If anyone knows a more efficient way to achieve this I’d be really grateful.


Vualts.3dm (6.7 MB) (25.9 KB) (34.7 KB)

Thank you so much!

Hi. I’ve run into a small problem. If I set the width of the outermost arch to less than 6 it stops working.

It looks like it’s an issue with the first path mapper component. Do I just need to adjust the formula?

Thanks again! (35.1 KB)

Thank you!