Help with a modifiable curve

Hey guys,

I hope someone knows a solution for my problem. I am new to grasshopper, this is why I could need some help.

I have a modifiable triangle. I want to round the corners of it make the new round corner modifiable too. This picture shows how far I got, but the problem is that I can’t create new round corner curvs with the hypotenuse… I tried to build up the curvs with own hypotenuses and relink it later but it didnt work. On the second picture the badly drawn black line represents how the round triangle should look like instead :smiley: Maybe someone on the forum has an idea. Thanks a lot in advance and happy new year to all of you.!

Curvs|689x470 (30.6 KB)

Part of the right angle curve which worked very well thanks to Pieter Segeren:

That is an extraordinarily overcomplicated model!! Here is something simpler that “rounds” the triangle corners two different ways: (10.4 KB)

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Not exactly clear the goal, maybe it’s this simple, a couple of ways to do it.

help + (34.4 KB)

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Yes, seems to be very overcomplicated, though not unusual when learning, and no harm done really.

Advice to OP and lurkers, it’s good to clean/organize a copy of your model before posting, doing away with anything not related to the question. This does at least two things, keeps your IP from being shared, if you care, and 2, I often answer my own question in that process.

I like how Joseph did it, OP, here is a way to be able to adjust the shape some from his method. (15.7 KB)

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Well, the “harm” is that 1) it failed and 2) is so complicated that understanding it and commenting on it require way too much effort. So the only reasonable thing is to ignore it and start over, as I did.

I found it quite simple to extract 3 points to start from at the left of his script, and just ignore the irrelevant mess haha, so no harm on my end in this case.

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Hey thank you guys for the help! And sorry for the possible harm.
I can understand grasshopper through you a little bit better. I will will further check out the examples you made and try implement the missing parts I need.

Was my first post and I am glad you are all super relaxed. Cheers :slight_smile: