Seeking an adjustable, rounded triangle …

CREATING a closed curve to interpolate points—in this case, three of them—is quick and easy in Rhino. But how is this done in GH, such that the shape can be fine-tuned?

In the essay alongside, the bottom-left point is fixed at the origin, with the other two points—x to the right and y above—being adjustable.

Currently however, trying to return the curve to the origin results in a corner, rather than the smooth tangent as does Rhino’s interpolate points in the example to the upper right (in green) .

Any pointers please?!

Curve to interpolate points.3dm (3.0 MB)

Rounded triangle (5.8 KB)

not sure if I understand what your goal is, but to avoid the sharp corner set the P parameter to true.


does it help?

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YES, thanks, that does the job.

Interestingly, from the same set of points, this (red) yields a slightly different shape than the closed curve generated by Rhino—(green, see screen shot of the two curves).

P.S. It defaults to Chord.

how was the Rhino curve created?

When you create the curve through the points in Rhino you’ll get exact the same GH curve.

USING whatever was the default setting for knot-spacings, in “Curve, interpolate points”. There are three settings for knots:

  1. Uniform
  2. Chord
  3. SqrtChord

One of these (chord) was the same as the default setting under “K” (KnotStyle) in Interpolate (IntCurve). The curve screen shot in Rhino was (unwittingly) drawn with SqrtChord.