Complex curve drawing

Hello, I am new to grasshoper, I am a bit stuck on this basic task. I would like to draw the following closed curve, i drew the main part, but adding the two arcs (circled in the image) to the curve is not clear. any suggestions?
Thank (17.4 KB)

If you upload your grasshopper file it would be easier to help you.

Done :slight_smile:


Do you have any thoughts how you’re going to create the rounded corners?
Right now they are straight.
Anteckning 2020-05-11 171238
Arcs / fillets … (20.4 KB)

Here’s one way to create such an arc. Unless there’s some specific logic where the arc should be placed.

This looks to me like you created clusters too soon. See white groups (I didn’t do it all). (22.3 KB)

Cool, this is perfect thanks. yeah the clusters are not necessary in this case.

Thank you for the quick reply, this is helpful, and yes I was thinking about fillet for the round edges