Help twisting louvers in Grasshopper using a curve attractor

Hey Guys,
am really finding a hard time making a curve attractor that is able to control the twists on a surface i alraedy created. i want to be able to control the way the twists on the surface by just moving the curve . it would be really helpful if someone helped me out. Thank you.

twisted louver again and again.3dm (57.7 KB) twisted louver again and again.3dm (57.7 KB) twisted louvers again and (12.7 KB)

twisted louvers again and (12.0 KB)


wow, thats helpful. Is it possible to use the curve attractor with the twist function, as used in mz skript , so that the curve is able to control the twists on the surface.Cause thats where my problem is .

I have no idea. Let me know if you figure it out yourself.

sure , will let zou know, Thanks alot for the Help.

What do you mean? @HS_Kim’s definition offers a great deal of control. The curve defines the place of bigger or smaller twist and you can define the range of influence:

Smaller range of influence

Larger range of influence

In your script it is not clear what you want your curve to control:

  • Do you want it to define the place of bigger/smaller twist?
  • Do you want to define an angle of twisting? How so? Depending on the Y-value of the intersection point between the curve and the surface band? Meaning if the curve intersects a band down below = less twisting and if it intersects up above = more twisting?

You need to think/explain better what you want your curve to control.

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Hallo Guys,
i need help creating such an object the the twisted louvers skript above, the object must not necessarily be the same , but i want to design a room with walls as the twisted louvers.with the skripts i have used, one can only use a normal flat surface, but not a loft or more organic surfaces . It would really be helpful if some one would help me design it.Attached are the Skripts and the rhino model with a sample loft .Thanks

waves 1 and 2.3dm (606.1 KB)

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here is the Grasshopper skriptwaves 1 and (18.1 KB)

twisting louvers more than one curve (22.3 KB)
The program above can only work with one curve attractor, I improved the program so it can work with multiple curve attractors