Twist tween curves 90 at one point with attractor point

I’m trying to twist the set of curves at a perticular point to later loft and loft variable surface.
Basically to twist the louvers in 90 degree.

I’ve done with manually in the screenshot with a set of curves.

Any help to do this parametrically would be great!

Thanks in advance

tween attractor (5.5 KB)

So here is a quick diagram of how I’d do this. You need to sample the y coordinates of the control points of dash line so it’s gradually moving towards curve A from B, meanwhile increasing the z coordinates. Do the same between B and C. Then loft A and A-dashed, B and B-dashed and so on.

Could you explain the same with the help of a script instead?

My end product is a set of lofts based on the curves. In theory, adjusting the control points of the second set of curves should give me this twisted surface. But i’m not able to script this quite right.

Not sure this is what you want, anyway I have a bunch of similar defs… Hope it is of some help. (24.6 KB)


One thing I’ve always wondered Hyungsoo: since I doubt you reinvent the wheel every time you respond to a post, how do you index what must be hundreds of definitions for easy reference? I can’t even remember what I did yesterday.


Thank you for your reply Hyungsoo, However, I’m looking to acheive the final output based on the four curves since these curves need to be manipulated.

Is there anyway to modify this script to achieve the same based on curves instead of dividing planar srf?


Check attachment. (20.4 KB)

Or you just can make the half of tween louvers and mirror them at the end to achieve the entire pattern. (18.3 KB)



That works just fine!