Contours to Surface: Invalid Delaunay & Null Points SrfGrid


Two part question:

  1. Am trying to put together the simplest script possible that can turn any set of contours and site boundaries into a finished topographical surface (drag & drop simple, so can used quickly over and over again for different sites). However, I am having an issue with splitting the delauny mesh as it turns out invalid and therefore I am unable to conclude the last step (however if you switch the mesh and the splitter it works?). :thinking:

  2. At the bottom half of the script I want to have a solution for a surface reacreated from projected points. Everything looks right to me all the way to the end but when the point list and U parameter enter the Surface from Points component i get “A point in the grid is null”. Not sure how to fix that. :confused:

P-241_shadows.3dm (11.0 MB)
Contours to Surface (26.0 KB)

Appreciate the help in advance,


Splitting meshes is never fun. Sounds like you need to clean up the mesh first.
Maybe try Land Kit BETA for Grasshopper, soon to be a set of free core features (and paid pro features).

Nothing is internalized:

Hi Martin, strange! I have reattached them to the original post above.

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Hi @Adam_M , thanks for the tip! Gave it a try, no dups in vertices. Replying also to @chrislandau, i tried to run a few tests like checking for dup surfaces as well and smoothening the mesh to check for any irregularities and so far (to me) everything checks out so i must be missing something. :thinking:

However, if i remove null points from the list feeding the surface output then im unable to create one.

One thing after another.

Adding a Cull Duplicates does help with your mesh. It is now a valid mesh.

Instead of one single curve for the trimming, I would suggest four individual curves. I internalized these inputs and the contours too.

Contours to Surface 2 internalized (247.4 KB)

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Here is an option for the surface output: Contours to Surface (31.6 KB)

Note: I uploaded the wrong file first, this should be correct now.

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You could use Quad Remesh to create surfaces …

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Seems to work! However, I noticed you internalised 4 curves for the boundary (was originally 1), when i reinsert the original boundary it will not split mesh.

I think you have more control working with four individual surfaces. The narrow connections cause problems with the remeshing … (240.3 KB)

Works for the surface! @Adam_M

Now im just having trouble splitting the mesh. @martinsiegrist :grin: I just noticed my drawing is in mm instaed of m, do you think it might be a tolerance issue?

Contours to (30.7 KB)
P-241_shadows.3dm (11.1 MB)

Not if you’re using my definition

let me check the new one :pray:

Well that works great! Have never used Quadmesh, thanks for the enlightenment. :grinning:

You are totally right, 4 curves works much better. However, would you be able to explain why 1 boundary was not working when it came to splitting? I presume it has something to do with how small the connections were between the 4 original boundaries.

With a Fit Curve and meshing the brep, mesh split work fine with your single curve.

But now the Quad Remesh fails. That’s why I would use individual curves. (236.6 KB)


Thank you Martin!!

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