HELP! Surface Augmented after Fillet Edge [image and data attached]


I’m having problem with the surface of rhino when doing Fillet Edge.

ver5.1 (5B161)

Is this problem for only mac? Spending too much time trying to fix it =(
Thinking of switching to windows ver, if it helps…

Attached is simple surface going from closed curve->loft->Planarsrf -> Join -> Fillet Edge.

Fillet_Edge_surface_help.3dm (375.8 KB)

Below seems like similar problem that I’m facing, but the DivideAlongCreases
is not working…

Additional question:[Is just that it looks like a bad surface, or if I export it so mech engineer can
see it will the surface still be twisted?]

This appears to be an issue with the display mesh. Your settings are set to Jagged & faster.

Read this page about render / display meshes:

and play with the settings:


Thank you for the advice! Changed the settings but still there’s still the corner has some issues.
Attaching screenshots of the troubled corners.
Other corners looks super smooth.

DivideAlongCreases did help in some corners, but still some edges are dented.
Top right corner is ok, but the bottom right has a little dent.

and zooming in:

I tried to explode and just fix up this corner surface, but the explode doesn’t
seem to explode up to just the error surface. (it includes other surface as well, so egdesrf
can not be done…

No, that is because of the way it was modelled.
I would have done this slightly differently. Explode the original curves (even better would be to use the pre-filleted curves). Rebuild the curves on the short sides with 7 points in each curve. Loft the sides individually. Join and cap. Fillet the upper and lower edge. See attached.
Fillet_Edge_surface_help-wd.3dm (164.4 KB)

(Sorry, I misunderstood at first…)
Just to make sure I think I better try to make it and post…

I got it now! I think.
Thank you for the support!

rebuild_curves_to7pts.3dm (290.8 KB)