Need help with filleting edge

Hello, I’m new to Rhino and I’ve run into a problem filleting edges. I can seem to click and fillet every edge but one section on the left outside edge on my object. I’ve read that fillet edge is only for joined edges which I assume my object has, and if this one section doesn’t have joined edges how do I fix that?

fillethelp.3dm (464.1 KB)

Here you go Derekg. The problem is your surface and linework. I think you had self intersecting lines that created a bad surface. I redid the linework for you and lofted the curves and used the patch command to patch the sides. I used the fillet surface command to fillet the edges and it worked. I’ve attached the file as well. Hope this helps.

Here’s the file

Wow, thank you for your help and taking the time to reply, this will definitely help me a lot!

Do you mind reattaching the link, I can’t seem to download it. Thank you.

Here you go. I guess it didn’t upload properly last time.
fillethelp.3dm (557.0 KB)

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