Help! I have a problem when i click 'fillet edges'

Hi guys!
I’m I am an almost inexperienced user of rhino. When I try to click ‘fillet edges’, they split into two parts. instead of connecting the edges like the other end. It’d be helpful if someone could have a look and help me ;(
Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 00.02.41
Screenshot 2021-05-15 at 00.02.31

Unsaved Rhino 7 Document 2.3dm (14.0 MB)

dear @2867893319
welcome to the forum, would be nice to have a name instead of a number to “talk to”.
_filletEdge is sensible and can not solve all fillet-problems. but it also needs proper input:

your surfaces do not meet at an tangential edge (edge continuity)
so there is a small kink an this will cause the violett and green fillet not meet proper.
Solution: build surfaces that have a proper tangential (G1) or curvature (G2) continuity. check out _loft _sweep2 or _blendSrf
check help and options for the command.

geometrically it is the same issue as (1) but much more obvious: the 2 fillet-Surfaces miss a connection because the initial surfaces meet at a kink / sharp edge
solution: also add a very small fillet for the (visual) sharp edge.
for example a R0.02 and then there is a solution for the R0.2 see red surfaces in screenshot:

hope that helps, kind regards, -tom


Good one.

Rodolfo Santos

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Thanks for your reply! I’ve just started using this software, and your solution is absolutely effective, but I don’t know how to operate it correctly. Can you record a video for me if it’s convenient or edits my manuscript?

Dear @2867893319 if you want to learn Rhino you should develop an overall knowledge of how to model and use the programm - the official resources are found here:
hope that helps - kind regards -tom