Help: 'show selected' and 'unlock selected' takes ages

Hi all,

Longtime rhino user here. Occasionally one of my models will develop a glitch where the commands ‘show selected’ and ‘unlock selected’ take ages to run. (Command, long pause, select objects, long pause, finish.) It’s got so I stop using them, which sucks, they’re such useful commands!

A few more details:

  • it happens with both big and small models
  • doesn’t make a difference if rendered, shaded, wireframe etc.
  • no objects a million kilometres from the origin
  • no bad objects
  • copying everything into a new model doesn’t work (so I guess it’s to do with some geometry).

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any solutions?


Hi sundirtwater,

Are you able to share the file in any way?
That I guess would make it much easier to find the cause and possible solution.
If the files are (somewhat) confidential or large you can try and upload the zipped file
that is cusing trouble here:
McNeel tech support can have a look at it and test it.

Some more info about the plugins you have running would also be useful as those might be the culprit.

Trouble with Showing Hidden/Locked likely does have something to do with the fact that the objects need to be drawn onscreen. What type of object they are and how many will be good to know if you cannot share the file.