Help - Rhino 5 rendered viewport craziness

@Holo @jeff @andy


during my current project Rhino 5 doesn’t shows the right texture mapping anymore, anything looks like environment mapped. Only some times for a short moment the right mapping is shown. Rendering of the textures works fine.

Here an example - gound floor parquet and simple wood.

I can’t adjust my scene anymore. I use the Enscape output as viewer now, but it’s not quick updated. :frowning:

I hope someone have seen this and knows a solution. I restarted my machine, but it doesn’t help. I use a new GTX1080ti and latest driver.


I found that the shown textures are wrong looking also - strange pink errors. I checked at Rhino 6 and there it looks fine.

Hi @Micha,

What happens if you turn the Advanced texture preview OFF (On?) ?


Same problem, no changes.

In the last hour I removed the GTX1080 and installed my old GTX780 only. Also I removed the latest driver and installed my last from february (I used the last half year) - problem is still there.

Maybe I found the reason in this moment - if I delete this floor object, switch to shaded and back, than it works.

The Enscape developer added a special feature - user can set a texture at the mat env slot and this texture is used a glossy texture. Could it be that there is something wrong?

MatBug.3dm (1.8 MB)