Naked edges

Join Issue.3dm (628.8 KB)


I am stuck here, Not able create a solid,

I tried different ways to create the surface but all result the same. Please help me to identify the issue.

Thank you.

you forgot to explain what you have tried and what has failed so far.

I used Sweep 2 and surface from 3 edges
I have included analytically all the steps as layers and sub layers within the file.

nope, not in the file you have posted. sweep2 should work, not sure what the problem is.

oh wait i can see a possible issue: i could imagine that if you sweep these 2 side it might cause problems. the point marks a kink where you have a different continuity. you have to either remodel that or segment the right side either.

I just uploaded again the right file. Sorry for that.

  1. Remodel in a way to avoid the kink?
  2. I the case I would like to keep the existing model. How many segments you recomend?

the left surface is one continuos while the small surface in the middle indicates a separated surface.

if you make a further separation here indicated with the red line it should work.

this or you see to it that you can model your entire part in single side surfaces which would require a little rethinking.

Hello - the file tolerance is .0001; a cheap way out is to loosen that to .001, Explode and Join. However, I do see that it is hard to get these edges close, within the current tolerance, I am not sure yet why.

That said, I think I might go about this differently - create smooth side surfaces and use those to trim the ring - see the attached file - is that what you are shooting for?

Solid.3dm (289.6 KB)


issue solved.3dm (442.2 KB)

I manage to fix the problem by re-design an creating smoother curves.

Thanks for your time guys and for showing the process.

By the way, any recommendations how I could smooth this corner to create a nice transition?


The procces is very clear generaly.

But, how those surfaces ware created?

Possibly because these 2 curves are rational:


@spiander - those are cheap patch surfaces (Patch command, using the starting surface on that layer)