Help: Radeon Pro WX 4150 Graphics Card - weird behaviour

Hi, I know it was mentioned some time back that Radeon Pro cards didn’t work well with R5 but it was hoped they would work better in V6. (SR13).
Well not so in my experience !!
I am finding it virtually impossible to run Rhino without it locking up - specifically when I double click on a viewport name to maximise it, the view port title vanishes etc, etc.
Driver Date 26/02/19 - rolled back to older driver, still rubbish.
Do I need to chuck the card and if so can anyone suggest what might fit in my Dell AIO 5720.

Which one? We’ve had nothing but trouble with drivers that have been posted after 18.Q3… but if those are still giving you problems, and Rhino is freezing (i.e. not crashing), then maybe we can force a dump file and I can take a look at it and try to see why/where you’re freezing…it might not be the drivers at all…

Go here:

Click the “Windows 10 - 64-bit Edition”, and scroll down to the 18.Q3.1 revision, then click the download button on the right side of the screen for those drivers.

I would do a complete “Clean uninstall/install” as well…

If Rhino is still locking up… then there are some other things I’ll want you to do.


It’s also possible that you’re seeing the “collision issue” with the Intel GPU drivers… Looking at the specs for the Dell 5720, it does look like there’s an onboard Intel GPU… which, if that is the case, we can try deleting the Intel GPU device altogether and see if things work. If they do, then there is a long, involved process in getting the Intel GPU drivers installed correctly…assuming you want them. Since you have the WX Pro 4150, the Intel GPU is just machine fodder.



Thanks for that, I have left work now but I Doo as you suggest tomorrow and I’ll let you know How I get on.

Thanks as always for the help.


Ian Nagle

J.B. Roche (MFG) Ltd

Happy to kiss them goodbye so!

Thanks and I’ll let you know.


Ian Nagle

J.B. Roche (MFG) Ltd