Help project Meros

Hello to everyone , guys I need some help please , I’m new to rhino and I want to build a pavilion just in 3D ,and maybe for 3D printing … Is so damn hard for me to do this since I don’t know too much and I have so many prob resolving them , I did try to do my best with it but I got so many errors and for sure is another way to make this.

This is what I’ve done so far - this design is inspired by a bug from Cassidae family and since I like Zaha Hadid and I like her style/design I come with this .

Feel free to work from scratch or just play on this file …don’t be afraid to come with your own ideas ! I’m open to any suggestions ,

The bug

My design so far

Here is with the entrance but I don’t know how to do it ! different styles may work

Well guys I hope you can help me out , thank you !
Best regards Alex

Project files

meros_macheta.3dm (9.1 MB)