Help on polysurf edges small gaps?


Today i found an awkward situation when working with simple polysurf objects, like cylinder, extrudecrv on circles. The model below is about an handrail, were i made vertical and horizontal cylinders to get this effect.

… This is not a complex model. In fact its really simple. So! whats happening???

After press interactive render in Thearender for Rhino i realise that something is wrong about those polysurfaces. They result in small gaps edges. Rhino says it`s a closed polysurf and a non "selbad objects and all models were checked OK. I made some custom changes at mesh settings menu and no results so far.

any suggestions?? please

Do you see gaps when you shade or render with the built-in tools that Rhino provides?

Yes. But mostly that surface curve are faceted. they are not round smooth as it needed. Is there any think i can do? Even the UV map textures, after exporting this model into Thea Studio, result in incorrect texture accuracy. Honestly is the first time i saw an issue like that.I have made more heavy architecture files then this and never detected this kind of edge artifact!!!

You can tweak the mesh settings to make this appear more smooth.

thanks for helping me here.
Yap. I have tested some tuning mesh settings. But steel no perfect results. I will keep testing.
Will back soon to repost how it goes.

best regards.

Hello again.
That small gaps still here. But i keep working on it. For the faceted surfaces from cylinder i do not know how much i can tweak mesh setting. It always give me the same result. FACETED SURFACES. :frowning:
Change “minimum edge length” from mesh setting menu, to 0.0001, and still no desire results.

Can you post a picture or file?

The render mesh will always be made up of planar surfaces (be that either triangles or quads) so it will never ever be totally smooth!

i have post the image example above this reply.
I understand. Round surfaces are made from planar curves. But i have hope that wont appear in final render images. Like i said before, i have made plenty images and i do not have seen this before in final render. I this planar surfaces from round extruded solids are everywhere. The problem is, if i need to make some zooming render detail, the planar surfaces are much visible.
I will keep working to see how its result.
Is there any method to smooth round extrusions? Suppose we need to make some render detail about round solids. Are you say to me that planar surfaces will be in final render?

That one is not likely to help you that much. See if you get better results with the ‘maximum distance from surface’ setting.

Also, I am still not sure if you are only seeing this with Thea render. Just post a file and someone can take a look.

Maximum distance, edge to surface? i have tested with 0.0001 and still no hope here. Perhaps i can send you a sample file, because all model is to heavy and big.
Yes, it is when i make a THEA RENDER INTERACTIVE PREVIEW. Also on Thea Studio result the same planar surf on round objects.handrail testing smooth surfaces.3dm (15.5 MB)

if you need i can post my display mode ini files.

Don’t know if someone already answered this but if the objects are extrusion objects, the normal meshing settings won’t help as they don’t affect extrusions. You will need to convert them into polysurfaces using ConvertExtrusion if you want to change the mesh settings.


hello Helvetosaur.
well i have to say, every object i create inside rhino i used to explode them and then make a “create solid”. Just to get polysurfaces as result. I never keep extrusion or open objects on my files. This method solve anything? or it is wrong to work like this description?