Smoothing out a closed polysurface

I brought up the same subject on smoothing out a mesh. This is a little different as it is a closed polysurface that I modeled elsewhere and imported into Rhino. I just need it to render without the stepping and keep its shape with the crisp edges. Wondering if there is a way to do it?

This might help:


Make sure you don’t have ‘flat shading’ on for the render mesh via the viewport menu to avoid the long facets seen in your image. If the polysurface was modeled with a smooth curve (e.g. degree 2 or 3) this should smooth out what is shown. Then use ApplyEdgeSoftening which will round the corners of the render mesh for you without altering the NURBS data. ApplyEdgeSoftening presents some options in the command line and then provides an editable object property in the Properties panel.