Help on crash

We are the developers of sphereneRHINO, all beta-tester work without any problems but there is one beta-tester where our plugin crashes on allmost all commands. I got a crash dump from this beta-tester and I want to ask if somebody could look at it. The architecture of the plugin is a thin c# wrapper around ironpython code. The crash seems to be happening while importing a python module. Some python modules are included in the rhp file as resources. Would be great if somebody at rhino could have a look at the c# project and or the crash dump. I guess I cannot upload files directly here. Best ralph.

If you zip up all relevant files you can upload them to Rhino - Upload to Support - I have prefilled my email address so I get notified when the upload has completed. For extra clarity also please copy the link to this discussion topic into the comment section of the upload form.

@Social_Spherene hey, the crash happens in InProcessClient64.dll. The debugger shows InProcessClient64.dll InProcessClient64.dll *C:\Program Files\SentinelOne\Sentinel Agent\InProcessClient64.dll N/A Yes No matching binary found. 8 30/08/2023 11.34 00007FFC94DB0000-00007FFC950C3000 Rhino.exe.43440.dmp .

Probably best to turn Sentinel One off. Or maybe whitelist Rhino if that is possible.

thx a lot for your analysis.

We are loading ironpython modules embedded as resources inside the rhp file probably SentinelOne interprets that as a possible threat. Maybe it would help if we would load the ironpython modules from a zip file?

I don’t think that will matter much, but you could try of course.

You could send the crash dump to the vendor of SentinelOne, since the crash happens in their product, taking others like Rhino down with them.

Easiest “fix” would be to have the user whitelist Rhino in SentinelOne when such crashes occur.

Just an educational question when I open the crash dump with visual studio I see the following

I cannot see anything from sentinel here. Where did you find this information?

When I opened the .dmp file I got this pop-up


Looking at the callstack and the threads I can see that the crash happened in the main thread

The callstack indicates InProcessClient64.dll

To figure out more about that I opened the Modules view (via the menu Debug > Windows > Modules)

This view shows all the modules (DLLs) loaded in the process of Rhino.exe. This is where I found the information about Sentinel One

When I double click the dmp file Visual Studio opens but without any popup. With what program are you looking at the dmp file? This is the screen after doubleclicking :

I use Visual Studio 2022 and I use Debug With Mixed. That is what you need to press in the top right corner of the biggest area.

thanks next time I can examine this kind of errors.

Good luck! It can give you a lot of information when you run into crashes. A useful skill :slight_smile: