Crash Reports

I am trying to track down a bug that is being reported by the Rhino bug reporter. However I am not getting any stack trace. How can I do this please?

Please see below, Visual Studio is showing…

Visual Studio will not let me load the OctaneRenderForRhino.rhp binary as the dialog box only allows for the loading of .exe and .dll files.

And RhinoCommon.pdb can also not be found.



You need to have PDB for your RHP in a location the symbol searching can find it. Your RHP needs to be also in the correct location. You can see in your second screenshot that the path is very different from the one in the first - the RHP is most likely not in that second path.

You need to have PDB for your RHP in a location the symbol searching can find it.

It is - please see screenshot below…


You can see in your second screenshot that the path is very different from the one in the first - the RHP is most likely not in that second path.

It is in the second path - please see screenshot above.



That is still a different path than the one in the second path of your first post.

Thanks Nathan

I have changed this up - I have installed the plugin the user installed in the location the user had it installed when they got the crash (C:\Program Files\Common Files\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-ins\OctaneRenderForRhino (f109bd23-4cf3-4c0b-9f83-06be474b0152)\2021.1.3.131\RHI Installer 7\Rhino 7.0\x64). I then replaced the .rhp with the Debug version, and added the .pdb file to that folder. If I “Debug with Managed Only”, I still don’t get any details in the stack trace…



RhinoCommon.pdb you’ll not find no, but you should be able to load symbols for your own plug-in.

Thanks Nathan - this is were I am getting stuck - there doesn’t seem to be an option to do this in Visual Studio.


Not sure how to help here. Possibly there are some settings for the debugger that somehow relate to this? I haven’t used Visual Studio properly in a couple of months so I’m a bit rusty on that. @andy, @DavidEranen, do you maybe recall how to ensure one can get to debug (external) plug-ins with VS?


There is a little bit of information on the topic here:

Although this is C++, the symbol server that it suggests will supply a pdb for RhinoCommon too.

  • Andy

Thanks @andy . If I add to the symbol location as instructed I get the following, so the instructions in the link you provided do not seem to work.

You can see it is unable to load RhinoCommon…pdb.


Does anyone has a solution for the above issue please?

Have you tried checking the box Disable Just My Code?

@pkinnane the symbols server had stopped responding properly, but that should be remedied now. You should be able to load symbols for Rhino modules again.

Thanks @nathanletwory . I have just put out a new release, so I’ll wait for a crash on that version (which I have the pdb file for) and try this again.


Hi @nathanletwory - I have now received a crash report from the last version of the plugin. Again, if I build the plugin as Debug, install it, then open the RhinoCrashDump.dmp file, the “no binaries loaded for OctaneRenderForRhino.rhp” message is shown in Visual Studio. I see the following in the Output window:

'RhinoCrashDump.dmp' (Minidump): Loaded '*C:\Users\castr\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Plug-ins\OctaneRenderForRhino (f109bd23-4cf3-4c0b-9f83-06be474b0152)\2021.1.4.132\RHI Installer 7\Rhino 7.0\x64\OctaneRenderForRhino.rhp'. No matching binary found.

Of course on my system there is no C:\Users\castr folder. So do the instructions at Rhino - Crash Dump Analysis really work? It seems because the plugin is installed into the Users folder, Visual Studio will not load the module.



Are you able to successfully investigate the test crash plug-in dump if you follow the steps in the crash dump analysis guide?

If you want me to try repro your problem please provide a ZIP archive containing: the crashdump, version of the RHP and related DLLs that comprise your plug-in and the PDB for your plug-in. Then I can see if I can get this to work or not. You can share it with me confidentially using Rhino - Upload to Support . The form will have my e-mail address pre-filled. Once the upload is complete I’ll be automatically notified.

Files uploaded - thanks @nathanletwory

I couldn’t try the test crash dump, as I have a C# environment (with RhinoCommon), not C++.




You can add the C++ development for desktop workload to Visual Studio using the vs installer and updater app.

@pkinnane I’ve loaded the file. It contains the crashdump, but it is missing the files I requested. These are all necessary:

  1. RHP file(s)
  2. DLL files
  3. PDB file (or files if you have generated several of them for your plug-in)

all for the version that were involved in generating the crashdump. That would be these files and the PDB