Help needed with turning complicated mesh surface into solid

Hello guys,

I am new to grasshopper and I came up with a design for my semester project using weaverbird and baked it (Picture 1), Now its a closed mesh, so I wanted to turn this mesh into a solid so I can start using boolean operations…

  1. I tried to do that using deconstruct mesh and deconstruct face

  2. Then 4 points surface

But with no success… My computer couldnt handle it… I also tried _MeshToNurb but its very huge… Is there any other way to turn this mesh into a solid? Anyone can refer me to the right tutorial ?

Final result is somehow gonna look like (Picture 2) to help you understand my idea…

I would really appreciate your help guys…

Hi -

While those functions are greatly improved in Rhino 7, you can use the mesh versions of the Boolean operations to work on meshes.

You could start here: Reverse Engineering [McNeel Wiki]