Edit a mesh


(Ali Dlg3) #1

Hi! I want to make a closing mechanism for an orthosis (mesh) that I created with gh, the mechanism consis in a cube joined to the surface of the orthosis, like you can see in the picture

I wanted to know, if it was possible to make on Rhino

(Tim Stark) #2

Yes, it‘s possible in Rhino and in GH. You have another question?

(Ali Dlg3) #3

Hi Tim! Thank you for answering
Yes, which one do you think it’s the easiest approach?
And which commands do I need to use for making it?

(David Cockey) #4

This post has some useful information. Read the entire link.

(Ali Dlg3) #5

Sorry :see_no_evil:
I am new in Rhino and Gh, and I wanted to learn how to make that mechanism of closure, I made my mesh using gh, and then tried to make that mechanism in solidworks but my computer gets too slow so I figure maybe I could do It in Rhino

I didn’t want you to think that I was looking for someone to do the task I was just looking for some advice

This is the file, If someone could explain to me how can I do it I would be very grateful

tt.stl (10.4 MB)

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hello - if you are looking to just add features, it can be done but it may take some work - you’ll need to mark the location and find an orientation plane for the detail to add, build the detail in Rhino, convert it to a mesh and MeshBooleanUnion to your part - at least that is what comes to mind starting from the mesh - though it’s not clear to me that your object is better as a mesh than surfaces, but presumably you have reasons for that.

The attached has a simple box added - is it something like that that you are after?

tt_PG.3dm (4.3 MB)


(Ali Dlg3) #7

Yes! That is what I want to do!

I am new at this, have patience with me :see_no_evil: How can I transform the mesh into a surface?