Help me please! I have problem with the command "Surface from Edge Curves"!

Hello everybody!

I have a problem with the command “Surface from Edge Curves” that couldn’t be formed the surfaces smoothly. From the images, you can see beside surfaces could be done perfectly, but why did the last one cannot!? How can I fix this problem?? I’ve already checked the curvature graph of curves around the target surface and everything seems to be firm.

Thank you!

file link
Audi R8.3dm (791.0 KB)

Please export enough of the model and curves to run the command, and post the file. I can tell if your curves are buggered or just what might be the problem.

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Thanks for the advice!
I’ve already downloaded the file link above. please check :slight_smile:

Hello - it looks like the idea is probably to make a surface from split out sections of those curves:

But, It seems likely you will want to rebuild those before making surfaces.