Problem Creating Edge Surface

So, I want to create an edge surface between two surfaces, both of which have an edge comprised of many small curves. One surface is a a mirror of the other, so it doesn’t seem to retain the join data that links all of those smaller curves together; therefor, whenever I go to create an edge surface. there are more than for curves that I want to select. Is there anyway to join these curves together, or is there a better way to create the surface? Thoughts appreciated! Here is an image.

Hi Anna - if I understand what you’re after, try extruding the base rectangle up, too high, then trim from the Front view with the wiggly curve. Post your file and someone will take a look.

Here’s a example of what I meant , I don’t know if that is what you need… but if so,different ways to get there:
Extrude and trim.3dm (665.3 KB)


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Thanks for your help! After looking at the demo file, I figured out I could just extrude the curve of the one that wasn’t mirrored and connect it to the one that was. Thanks again!