(HELP) Making Inflatable facade by Grasshopper

Hi, I have started Grasshopper a few months ago, but it isn’t easy to make progress it.

I have an architecture project with inflatable facade.

The facade will be like two photos below …

Then, I found someone made this in this forum :

Mine is similar but it will have triangle bubble instead of voronoi form. And I want to give pressure on frame also…
I tried with other examples in this forum by other exemples, but so many errors came out…
Please help me out.

HERE is a GH file that I tried but again, this isn’t that I expected at all. I would like to make it like the last image (gonflable shell and separated with inflatable structure )
Modeling_08052018.gh (18.1 KB)FILES RHINO.3dm (12.1 MB)

HERE is Geometry file of Rhino.
This my first post sorry if there isn’t clear for u.

Hi, first post the geometry. Create surfaces for every cell. Do you want double layer cushions, triple layer?

Hi, I want to give a thickness for the inflatable layer, but I don’t think that I will give double layer cushions.

About the creating surface for every cell, I tried with a ‘Hexagone cell’ but what I want is a triangle shape…
I blocked after that…

Thanks for reply

Can’t help you much, because you still didn’t upload anything.

But about your triangle problem: Try DanielPiker’s MeshMashine to get a nice triangulation.

When you formfind ETFE cushions you don’t give them thickness.

You wand a triangular boundary or triangular mesh?

Post geometry, otherwise how do you expect anybody to help you?

Could both be done with MeshMashine :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why nearly 90% of my recent posts is the link to “how to ask effective questions
This is getting really frustrating from time to time.

Sorry this is my first post on the Forum so that I didn’t becareful for the rules.
I have uploaded the Rhino file and Gh file. But Gh file isn’t that I wanted it to…
(just gave it feeling of inflatation …)

To answer your question, I think a triangular mesh is more clear. My expacting result is exactly like the last image, inflatable shell (purple part) that separated by inflatable structure (gray color part) .

Hoping that my explanation is clear…

Well, I truly sorry that if my post frustrated you.
I didn’t becareful for the rules and this is my first post on the Forum . I will respect minimum rules for the effective questions. THanks.

Abour the Mesh Mashine, well, I didn’t know about this. Thanks, I’ll try it.
However my question is still same, how can we seperate inflatable shell part and structure part (or we could say panneling frame part; gray color of the last image)

Briefly, I would love to learn the step after dividing a surface by mesh/boundry to separade frame with thickness (air).

Thanks a lot

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Don‘t worry. You didn‘t frustrated me, everyone starts as a beginner. :slight_smile:

Hope @davidsmavrov could help you in his private message. If not, don‘t hesitate to ask again.

Hi, David,
I have tested a lot with your file. It helpe me a lot. Like image, I tested with Voronoi and projected it on the surface. It worked.

So back to the my objective with triangle, ‘MeshMashine’ didn’t work with my shape that much. So I use just panneling tools. Then I used same method as 'Vronoi inflatable shell (upper image). Here is the problem : the inflated triangle shell is broken.

Other problems are from frame and hexagon at the edges of triangle shells.
(Looke at the GH file, please)

Making inflatable frame&shell.3dm (10.7 MB)

Hope somebody can help me to solve out. I tried everything that I know for 3 days…

Best regards, KIM