Inflatable pillow with sticked triangle

Hi guys
I’m trying to create a module in grasshopper for my peoject and need some help.

I’m iron a plastic bag with triangle and inflate it to recieve a different shape.
This goes like this:
-create a close square from two surface of plastic bag (creating a pillow).
-Fold the pillow into 2 and iron a triangle with a different angle, like this:

-Inflate the pillow, and then I get something like this:

I found out in other post how to create a pillow with a hole inside and inflate it.
But when I try to change the to something like diamond- it all goes wrong.
I thought this shape can help…
In conclusion I can’t figure out how to create the fold and iron a triangle with a different angle.
any idea? (52.0 KB)

For your file you had many different surfaces instead of a single mesh. Here’s a fix for that: (50.4 KB)

It’s not clear to me how your definition relates to your image above though.
In your top right image is that supposed to be already a bag (2 layers of plastic sealed around the edge), so when folded in the middle image there are 4 layers of plastic?
Then which layers of plastic are being ironed together?

Thank you for your respond.

The top image refers it’s a close bag (like not inflated pillow - with 2 layers) and when folded - in the middle there are 4 layers of the plastic.
All the 4 layers are iron toghther and then I inflate the pillow.
Is that answering your questions?

So something like this? (14.1 KB)


I’m having trouble to open the file -

I’m using rhino6.

What should I connect between the ‘join’ component and ‘C#’. How to create the input mesh?

Ah, any possibility to update to R7?
It’s a new meshing tool that makes this process a lot easier.

1 Like (26.3 KB)
Here’s a version that should also work in R6.
The R7 one will be a bit more reliable though.