HELP! Make 2d line thickness

Hello everyone,
I’m having problems with the make 2d command. After cutting a model with the clipping plane command i used the make 2d command to see its section. Rightly so, the bodies touching the clipping plane will be drawn with thicker lines than those behind it, but this thickness is too much for what I want/need. Is there any way to change it? If i use print display it doesn’t work.
thank you so much!

Select all lines and make sure the print width in the properties panel is set “by layer”. Then set the print width in the layers panel for the make2D layers.

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same problem… have changed layers, turned on print display, and tested with making lines - new lines get thicknesses, but not the ones from make2d…

also xported as dxf and pdf hoping it could be changed - same result.

solved: had to make sure “maintain source layers” was checked.
If not the lines carried with them other properties that somehow prevent them from being changed later.