Help lofting on the opposite direction

How to loft on the opposite direction, I’ve used a plugin ( Flexibility ) to offset curves in the middle, and weaved it in a pattern, but unfortunately only one side gets lofted

Here you can download and install the plugin ( Flexibility )

Here’s the GH script
organic shape with (23.0 KB)

Any help would be appreciated!!

point & curves are over lapping
360 divide by 80 so 4.5 be the degree (this cause over lap )
organic shape with (16.5 KB)

Thank you for your attempt, but still haven’t found a solution as I cant loft on the other direction, like a full zig-zag pattern twirling along the paraboloid Geometry

If you want to “close” your pattern you just have to shift one of the list, or I misunderstand.

organic shape with (17.8 KB)


You’ve completely given me the solution I’ve desired for, Shift list is something which I have to learn, Thanks for your help!!