LOFT curves with different direction HELPPPPPP

I am trying to loft these curves and the lofting component is getting crazy. I assume it is because of the curves directions. Would you like someone to help Please?

lofting curves different (8.3 KB)

Please, internalize your data or attach rhino file also.

Use Flip component

Here we go!!!
lofting curves different (20.0 KB)

There are many curves with different directions. FYI I tried it since yesterday afternoon but that component didn’t work ;(

Did you try running them all through the same component?

My memory is a little sketchy, I had a similar problem a few yrs back, I recall that fixed it.

At the beginning yes. Later a use the first curve as a guide but it didn’t work ;(

Take a look at the attachment.

lofting curves different (24.3 KB)


lofting curves different (56.7 KB)
Your file was strangely very heavy for my rhino…
Have a look and see if it helps.

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You are GENIUS. Thank you so much :ok_hand: Do you have a youtube chanel?

Sorry Mate. I am working on a huge wall. Thank you for the effort :+1:

Thank you GrassMateHoppers :smiley: