Lofting Curves Problem

Hey guys,

i have a problem with lofting curves. In Rhino I drawed 7 Curves and in Grasshopper I like to loft them. The Surface should look like the Etihad Museum in the picture. In the other picture you can see my wrong loft. Can someone help me please? (18.5 KB)

You have some curves that are not fipped in the opposite direction. I’ve simplified your script here. Use the merge component to ensure the order of the curves, flip the set using the first curve as the direction guide.

Orange curves are flowing in the opposite direction.

Resulting loft result after the curves are all the same direction. (21.0 KB)

The purple group is unused, replaced by Rebuild Curve.

Simplified: (13.2 KB)

P.S. I just noticed that the list of curves is reversed - that is a mistake and unnecessary.

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Thank you so much guys!