Help in lighting

Still trying to find a good way of lighting…
Using HDRI and 3plane lighting.

I think I like the way it is lit, but was wondering if it’s possible not to have the reflection of the light source…
I’d be nice if these lights can be embedded to the HDRI somehow…

Wanted to emphasize shadow a bit more though… Possibility for shadow to go beyond 100?

Also I noticed the Gamma is set to 2.2 is this how default is? or should I change that back to 1.0?

Gamma 2.2 is the default.

There is currently not a good way to create HDRis directly in Rhino. You’ll probably have to try to edit the HDRi in an external app. Did you add rectangular lights (area lights) to your scene that you want baked into your HDRi used for lighting?

There isn’t yet shadow intensity control for Raytraced. It is on my list though.

Any recommends for external HDRI editor? Never used one before.
Best I know is tutorial video I saw of Keyshot HDRi editor…
Will baking also make the lights still reflected in the objects?
Just would like the light source(rectangular shapes) not appear in the object reflection, while keeping object lit and shadows casting… is that possible?

In theory it is possible to prevent light sources from showing up in glossy reflections, certainly Cycles can. But with the existing lights Rhino provides there is no such control.

I don’t know much software outside Rhino and Blender. If I were to do something you try to do I’d use Blender: set the HDRi you want as env texture. Add plane meshes at locations and with sizes you require, add emission material on those, giving it the strength you want. Then set camera to world origo and have it look along the right vector in the horizontal plane. Set camera to panorama (equirectangular), have some good resolution and render to EXR ir HDR.

I suppose some day in The Future we could have a button that would generate an HDRi of the current scene right there in Rhino, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that :wink:

Is it possible to have planar lighting with say oval shapes? was thinking the reflections would be less distracting…maybe emission?

I’ll look into blender… haven’t in a while. Maybe
they have some good plugins for editting HDRis.

Well, as I wrote in Raytraced / Cycles lighting questions you can add any form and make it into a light by assigning Cycles Emissive material to it.

I could actually improve that material a tiny bit by exposing ray visibility control, so this could be hidden from reflections.


I’ll try the emissive tomorrow and see how it goes.

That’ll be fantastic! Thanks!

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