Help! I can't open or import any of my old toolbars

I was trying to correct the usual disappearing tool bar situation I face every now in then in V5 the other day and I reloaded my tool bars, from a back up file on a thumb drive, all was good.

Now a few days later I am trying to use the tool bar Open and or Import buttons and when I click them nothing happens I cant browse my computer to locate any files?

I reset toolbars to default and also tried toolbar reset command but that didn’t help.

Yes I have read the documentation on tool bars but I find the whole toolbar saving and loading situation extremely confusing in Rhino, I usually can get my old tool bars back, but now I am totally stuck because I cant import or open anything. Please Help!

Note: I did locate the app data UI folder in the location where it is supposed to be and there are some tool bars I saved as well as the default. I tested if I could add a file to this folder directly and I was able to, so I guess I do have access to it.