Help! I can't get Twinmotion software to work with my Rhino 8 software!

I’ve been trying for the last few hours to make Twinmotion software work on my MacBook Pro for Rhino 8 (yes, I also downloaded the MacOS DATASMITH EXPORTER FOR RHINO too) - it’s downloaded and shows in my downloads and I followed the video tutorial on their website but mine doesn’t launch the way the one in the video did (doesn’t show a tutorial walkthrough nor does it automatically launch my Rhino file or show in the toolbars in the window setting of Rhino like my teacher said it would and like it did for others (seen in YouTube video from my researching the issue)). I’ve spoken to AppleSupport about it (they found no reason for the launch to be disrupted as far as my settings or restrictions) and I have searched extensively on Google and YouTube to no avail. As this is for a final project due in two days, is there anything y’all would recommend???strong text

for problems with twinmotion, please contact their support directly-