Rendering surface edges

Good day everyone,

I am having problems with a flickering render result. I would like my model’s surface edges to show (which it does), but when I render the animation, the edges turn on and of randomly resulting in a flickering effect.

How can I solve this?

Would you be able to post or send an example model?
What target renderer do you use?

Unfortunately I cannot share the model in question with you (sorry, NDA stuff).
The target renderer is “Viewport display”. I cannot get the Rhino renderer set up the way I wish (I only want to show edges, not iso lines and cannot separate the two for some reason)

The output settings are: 15fps, VGA quality

I can share two consecutive images:

What viewport display mode do you have it set to? Rendered? Shaded?

What versions of Rhino and Bongo are you using?
You’ll be able to see the version numbers and dates in the splash screens that come up when you type in:

I have chosen Rendered display mode.

Using Bongo 2.0, 2017/03/31, and Rhino 5 SR 13, 64 bit (5.13.60913.21349, 13/09/2016)

I tried putting together a minimal project to send to you. But even with a ‘Save small’ I can only get it down to 140Mb. I have deleted most of the parts. However, when I ran the render process again, to make sure that I send you something with the same result, the ‘flickering’ edges did not happen. Now I am even more stumped. All I did was delete some of the blocks

Hmm… It might be the blocks causing the flickering…

If you have anything to send you can use this page:
to send the file, then the size doesn’t matter.
Just put me in as the recipient.