Plugging holes in Closed Polysurface

Hi All,

Great community! I was wondering if someone can help me with an issue im having. I made some holes in the closed polysurface attached and now cannot plug those holes and make this polysurface hole again. I tried taking the boundary of the hole and patching it. Then extruded the surface from the patch and tried boleaning the whole thing, which failed. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what i can do?

You’re thinking like a solid modeler instead of a surface modeler.

Extract the surfaces that make up the sides of the “holes”. Then Untrim the surfaces at the edge of the holes with no sides.

hmmm, not able to visualize what you are saying. I get what you mean by extracting the surfaces that make up the vertical sides of the surface, but I lose you after that…

Just use the untrim command and select the edges of the hole - both on the top side and bottom side of the object.

Note that you could just have used the DeleteHole command before extracting the surfaces. You can also use that instead of the untrim command when you have deleted the walls of the holes but it’s quicker to just delete the hole :wink:

Unless, of course, if you have a seam running through the holes - we cannot tell from the picture you posted as it doesn’t show edges…

Holy crap i didn’t know he meant there was an untrim command. Awesome, problem solved…thanks so much!