Help for laser cutting

Good morning !

I’m sending some ‘Birds-Drawings’ to laser cutting.(Metal-Cooper)
I need to connect some parts that are isolated.
I’m not sure since I can do it.

(Probably between the “centers” of each Form,…
but I look for something that is not heavy,
but just just of union to maintain the cohesion of the parts in a single form of court).

i am not sure how to do that with some algorithm or simple pattern?
Some easy way to do that ?

Any suggestions
Thank you

use curve boolean for that

pajaro 18 en rhino.3dm (909.3 KB)
Here the Rhino file.
Thanks advies !

Thanks !


I would try and use the natural form of the bird’s plumage to place your bridges, by shortening your lines, rather than adding arbitrary links. Here, as they say, is one I made earlier…


Hi Jeremy !

Thanks you answer
Yes,obviously (there was more syntetique abstract-style) , but is possible both.
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