Create Laser Cut ready file

I have a bunch of surfaces, like this:

the surfaces now dont have any slices in intersections to be attached to each other.
what i want is to convert this surfaces to something that can be cut with laser and attach materials to make 3d Object.

your description is lacking on some definition at least for my shallow brain. 4 surfaces are not a solid. if you see the surfaces as paper or cardboard which you want to laser cut then my question would be: do you want to build them that they connect and stand? maybe try to explain a bit closer what your intention is.

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i’m sorry Richard that i couldn’t explain my problem well,
Yes, you are completely right,
i see this surfaces as paper and i want them to be able to connect to each other, or to say better, Be attached to each other to stand.

you need slots on both sides, something like 0,1mm for 90 g/sm paper or 0,2 for 200 g/sm, if you have 1 mm cardboard then the slots need about 1 mm of course, the laser will cut out slightly more due to the burning so the tolerance is neglectable with paper and cardboard. in case you need it tighter you have to make the slots very slightly smaller but for now just stick to the paper thickness.

to do this use OffsetSrf on your prepared surfaces with option both sides (this will keep the center of your surfaces) and solid, in case you want 1mm you have to make 0,5 in each direction of course.

then you copy all surfaces and move two of those plates to the lower edge and 2 to the upper edge as seen on the picture i placed them in another layer to be better visible you will need that for boolean difference. i hid the blue surfaces away.

then use boolean difference. you should get something like here, 2 plates have slots on the upper part and 2 plates on the lower part that you can join them into each other.

use ExtractSrf click on one side of those plates and use UnrollSrf. do this with all 4 plates and you can export them from topview to illustrator or whatever your lasercutter takes.

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