Lasercutter preparation

Hey guys,
I am preparing some Files for Lasercutting.
Please take a look at my file.
Tilger_1zu1 Modell.3dm (1.8 MB)

I just unrolled the surface and placed it in the frame for the Lasercutter and than exported it in the needed file format.

Is there any other option to do it faster?
Also, how does my file look? Is it that messy? Is there any way to improve that?

Thanks and greetings,

For laser cutting you’ll need curves. Take your surfaces and type _DupBorder.
If you want to automate nesting parts for lasercutting, I recommend the OpenNest plugin. If you do this on a regular it will save you a lot of time.

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Do I have to use grasshopper for it? Or can I use it as normal command?


Either one

can you take a look at it? It doesn´t work…
Tilger_1zu1 Modell.3dm (2.0 MB)


Grasshopper OpenNest is working as expected, although baking the curves generates an error on invalid object and some aren’t closed.

There is something going on with your curves. If you create a bunch of rectangles OpenNest will do it’s thing using the Rhino Command Line. Converting your curves to line (Convert) and SimplifyCrv gets them nesting.