HELP! file not loading


I have a problem - my file isn’t loading. I have no idea why. There isn’t anything wrong with it. I was trying to view it in pen mode and then it started stalling, the Mac rainbow colored processing wheel kept spinning, so I force quit the program, and now when i try to repon it, it won’t load my file. The file seems to open but then it just gets stuck Loading.

I am working to an impending deadline and I absolutely need to open this file ASAP!!

please, if anyone has any suggestions, please help.

thank you for listening

Never mind, it just loaded, I just had a to wait a reaaaaaaally long time. (pen view slowed it down immensely).

Pen is a variation of the Technical mode which calculates hidden lines. This information is currently not saved in the 3dm file so it has to be calculated again when opening the model. Don’t close/save the model in a technical display mode to avoid the delay.