Help! (Creating a topography surface from survey RLs)

Hi anybody out there,

How do I form a surface from 3D survey points? I’ve tried loft, patch, drape, etc but nothing close. Desperate.

Rhino Site Survey RLs.3dm (530.0 KB)

Well, I simply selected points and ran patch. The result looks pretty good.


Can you show me what the surface looks like? What am I not doing right?

Here it is. I simply selected points and ran patch. Perhaps it needs a bit of trimming.


Rhino Site Survey RLsck.3dm (588.9 KB)

Whats also possible is select some of the outer points.
Run CurveThroughPt.
Select the curve. and SelPt
Patch it.
my settings are


Something that you get is:
Temp.3dm (1000.0 KB)

You could also use MeshPatch to get a mesh that runs through your points - this will be more “choppy” than a NURBS surface which will always try be smooth to some degree, but it will run exactly through all your points.

With Patch (NURBS) you can experiment with the number of points and the stiffness to change how much smoothing you get. I put a Patch surface in the attached with 75/50 points and a rectangular starting surface (pull=0) for comparison purposes. You can of course trim the patch surface to make it smaller or add additional points to the mesh patch to make it bigger…

HTH, --Mitch

Patches.3dm (791.5 KB)

Thanks all, I couldn’t perform the patch on a 32-bit version but when I tried on a 64-bit, it did it in one attempt. So perhaps that was the reason.

Appreciate the help. Am on my way to massing.