"Solid" base made with a Patched surface

Hello all,
I have a map with thousands of 3D points. I was able to use both MeshPatch and Patch commands to turn them into a topographically correct surface. (I think I prefer the look achieved with the Patch comment, but that’s beside the point)
I am seeking your help in something else:
A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a screenshot from Sketchup showing the Patched surface. It looks great. (Thank you Rhino!)
Second picture is something I drew by hand and would like to have this done in Rhino.
Is there a way to turn the surface into a solid object with the contoured top surface?
Thank you for all your help!

3points_MeshPatch.3dm (112.8 KB) 4points__patch.3dm (95.5 KB)

You can try this:

  • _DupEdge the 4 surface edges
  • With the duplicated edge curves selected, run _SetPt and check only Z, set that to whatever height you want the lower base face to be at.
  • Run _SimplifyCrv on the ‘flattened’ curves (not required, but could make the box side geometry cleaner)
  • Extrude the base curves up higher than the patch surface all around
  • Trim the box sides with the Patch surface
  • Join the Patch surface to the box sides
  • Use Cap to close the bottom.
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Dear Helvetosaur,
Thanks for this tutorial.
Mission accomplished
(sorry for the late reply but I just didn’t have the chance to try it before.)