Best lay [way] to create a surface between topology lines

I have made a rough map of an area where a little house will be build. I want to recreate the terrain in rhino. I tried lofting the areas between two lines, but the results come out strange. Each node connects to its corresponding node from the other line, so lines overlap and there are twists.
What would be a good method of doing this?
I have attached the file as elevation.3dm (788.8 KB)

The Patch or MeshPatch commands can help here. They can take curves and points as input. In the case of Patch, a surface is created and you can vary the control point count for more or less detail.

For best results with the “Patch” command, I suggest to use an outer rectangle (which is at least 20 meters larger than the elevation lines) to limit the deviation of the resulting surface. Try with the following settings:
Sample point spacing: 8
Surface U spans: 50
Surface V spans: 50
Stiffness: 10

Thank you for the help. MeshPatch does the job perfectly!