.RFA to .3DM conversion

Revit file to Rhino… any ideas? I don’t have access to Revit.


Hi Robb.
An .RFA file is a Revit Family file designed to be inserted into a Revit Project file.
I would ask the person that sent it to you to save the appropriate objects as a DWG.
Alternately, if it was downloaded from a BIM resource, I would look to see if the component supplier has those objects available as DWG or other compatible formats.


It was a downloaded file… no additional formats available and no apparent interest by the provider in other file types. I’m guessing this is not just my problem in the architectural world. Fascinating that Revit has such traction - or is it just the aura of professionalism - Autodesk apeing Apple.


It is quite amazing how many suppliers have their product available, besides the “standard” architectural elements and finishes.
Eames furniture, Sony security, Barco boardroom projection, and the list goes on’ being good examples, as their is quite a bit of work in creating them.
Once the object is in the project, it prints to schedules, and it’s all sell, sell, sell.


Hi Robb,
I have Revit if you get stuck and need to get it converted.