Help turning joined polysurfaces in to solid in Rhino 5

1600281-FS-001-AContoursRelocationNurbscomplete.3dm (4.9 MB)

Hi guys looking for help turning the attached file into a solid in rhino but my goal is to output the solid from rhino into solid edge using format like stl, xt, xb, or sat something that will allow me to cut the solid in this application. Looking to get cut fill volumes from rhino or another application.

Would do the cutting and filling in rhino if I knew how. see attached rhino 5 file

Any help greatly appreciated

By the looks of it, the places where a patch surface was placed are meant to be planar. Delete those patches. Use SolidPtOn to turn on the points of the landscape. Select the points that are bordering on the edges of those ‘houses’ and use SetPt to bring them to the same elevation. Then use DupBorder to get a polyline around those two holes and use PlanarSrf to make a simple plane out of those that can be joined with the rest.

On the other holes, zoom in on the curves (from the previous step) one by one and use EdgeSrf to create simple planar surfaces between two and two opposing edges. Join all into a closed volume.

1600281-FS-001-AContoursRelocationNurbscomplete-wrmd.7z (607.8 KB)