Help with converting surface to solid

Hello,I have surfaced of a catamaran and want to convert them into solids before I can run them in a CFD tool.

I am new to rhinos this is my 3d look I want this is my current surface

Following is the link to .3dm file If anyone please guide me here, would really be thankful.

I don’t have access to imgur so I don’t know what’s relevant there (note that you can upload things here on discourse).

If you join the two surfaces of one of the hulls and run DupBorder you will get one polycurve consisting of 5 joined curves - Green in this picture:

  • Explode this curve.
  • Make 3 straight lines (the blue lines in that picture).
  • Select curves that would make up the edges of one of the missing surfaces and run PlanarSurface.
  • Repeat for the 3 missing surfaces. (you will have to select 3 curves for the top surface, 4 for the back surface, and 4 for the side surface).

You should now have these 3 new surfaces:

Join with the original polysurface and you will get a closed polysurface.

Join command

Thanks a lot, You are truly a hero :slight_smile:

Hi there, I am extremely new to Rhino, and also with using surfacing.
I have managed to draw up this kayak, but I desperately need to convert it to a solid with a thickness of 6 mm.
the outside needs to stay exactly as it is, only the inside needs to change.

i was able to join it all.

I am in panic mode now, because my project is due in a few days :fearful:

Kayak joined.3dm (13.8 MB)

I’m not sure what you mean by that. I didn’t see the inside surfaces in this model.

But first things first. You will have to change the outside if you want this model to be a solid. It looks like you started with one half of the kayak hull and then mirrored that. The first half didn’t have a planar opening, though, and therefore the two halves do not join up into a closed polysurface.

If you run the DupBorder command on the hull, you will see where it is open. In this picture that are the green curves:

A close-up at the bow:

If you go back to the basic untrimmed hull shape and look at the border curve on that one you can zoom in and see that it doesn’t lay on the XZ construction plane:

You will have to fix this first before anything else.

Kayak joined.3dm (13.8 MB)

I have tried to join the surfaces now. but now it looks like it has so many gaps.
why is this happening.

With regards to[quote=“wim, post:6, topic:32425”]
the outside needs to stay exactly as it is, only the inside needs to change.

I need to thickness to be on the inside of the kayak and not on the outside, i am not sure how to explain what i mean…

KAYAK .3dm (4.3 MB)

okay i have made some changes, but still not a solid, with a 6mm wall thickness