Help! Cannot see in Top View...or draw anything

Hi there. I dont know what I did, but I saved my a couple days ago, and all was fine. Opened it now, and cannot see anything in the top view. I see all of my info in the other 3 viewports, but the linework will not show up in Top. I tried zoom extents, and shows me the grid with nothing on it. When I try to draw a new line in the top view, it shows me a prohibition symbol (red circle with a slash it) and will not let me do anything.

please help!!!

Your viewport might have become corrupted, try running the command _4View twice in a row to reset all viewport to default and see if that helps…


Thank you so much for replying. I tried that and it still did not work. I can highlight the linework even in the other views, and I see the gumball in the top view, but I see nothing else in the top. Now it will let me draw in the Top, but the line instantly vanishes once I draw it…


Don’t you have a clipping plane there by accident?

Nope. Never made a clipping plane in this file

Are you in rendered display mode by any chance? (curves don’t display in rendered mode by default) Or have you accidentally turned off curve display in the Top viewport’s active display mode?

Hello - in the Top view what does Properties (nothing selected) show for the camera location and target after a Zoom Extents? As Mitch suggested it might be a corrupted viewport - you can try closing it (in the viewport menu) then running 4View to make a new Top view.


Thanks for the responses. I got it resolved! The refreshing the viewport did not work, but Zoom Extents did only when I tried it in the working viewports. I discovered some accidental line that went into infinity and must have been messing up the camera abilities for the Top viewport. Once I deleted the mysterious line, it seemed to be working again.

thanks i had the same issue and your tip helped