Rhino 8 can't draw lines in top viewport

Hi folks,

Just upgraded to rhino 8… for some reason… I cant draw polylines in the top viewport… It just gives me a stop icon… anyone else have the same issue?

The stop icon means you are looking at the edge of the viewport CPlane.
Have you been playing with CPlanes?
I’d click on the viewport name, and set the CPlane to World Top.

Any better?

I haven’t done anything with the C plane. I did notice that in perspective view the C plane automatically changes whenever I click on different object, and I had to lock the C plane so it doesn’t switch… is that something I need to do for all the viewports?

It sounds like you have the new V8 Autocplane tool turned on.
I think there’s a button for it in the Status bar at the bottom of the Rhino window.

will that disable all the autocplane in all the windows?

is there a way to default back to Rhino 7 setting? I turned off the auto C plane… but it just will not let me draw lines in top and front viewports… whereas in older version I can draw in all 4 viewports without running into problems…

What happens if you right-mouse click on the 4View icon to make 4 default viewports?
That should be just like V7 with the autocplane turned off.

it still has the wrong cplane… didnt change.

Hi Austin -

What happens when you start a new file from a factory-default template and start drawing in the top or front viewport?
If that works fine, please post the file that you are having problems with.

I migrated everything to to new file with auto c plane turned off first. then it works just fine.