Top view blocked?

Hello, sorry for this kind of dumb question but I am pretty new in Rhino. I don’t know if I did something by accident, but now I try a command (line, copy, etc etc) in my top view, I get a block symbol in my cursor and I can’t do anything at all. It just happens in this viewport, the rest work well. What is it happening and how can I solve it?

Thank you!!

You probably set a custom CPlane in the Top viewport that is perpendicular to the view. Try right clicking on the viewport title (or use the little arrow) and choosing Set CPlane > World Top. Alternatively you can type the command _4View and Enter twice, that should reset your viewports.


That was it, thank you!!


running the 4view command twice is a good thing to do when your viewports get squirly. It will also restore the cplanes to their default positions.

Some times you may changed the viewport a little without aware of it and some commands doesn’t like if the view isn’t 100% perpendicular. Often it helps to “set view top” again or “set camera -> c-plane top”.

The Plan command is the one for getting a parallel view ortho to the current CPlane.