Bongo 3 and V-Ray cause Rhino WIP crashs at start


if Bongo 3 is installed than WIP crashs at startup if V-Ray is loading. Maybe it’s interesting for @Nikolay too. Without Bongo 3 installed V-Ray was working.


V-Ray links with Bongo 2 export lib. That means it expects to find a particular Bongo binary (.rhp) file. From what I know so far, Bongo 3 is not binary compatible with Bongo 2. So there is no way to work, by just changing the Bongo version. In fact it is expected to crash.

Oh, my hope was to setup an animation per Bongo 3 and to render it per V-Ray. The rendering doesn’t need be done in the next days. Do you see a chance to adapt V-Ray so that Bongo 3 can be used soon? So I could test and help to enhance Bongo 3 during I use it for small projects.

This is caused by the same reason, right?

@Nikolay What do you think, can I setup a Bongo 3 animation and render it per V-Ray in the near future? I would like to start the project, but it depends on your answer. :wink:

I talked to Joshua and he said Bongo 3 is not binary compatible with Bongo 2. It also seems that the Bongo 3 SDK won’t be able to handle Bongo 2 calls either. This means that they need to release, and after that we need to release a purposely build V-Ray against Bongo 3 SDK (breaking all existing Bongo 2 user setups), then you’ll be able to use it.
It is a pretty delicate situation. If I were you, I wouldn’t bet on it. Furthermore “near future” is quite a stretchy term

Thank you @Nikolay, I understand the situation. I will find a way per Bongo 2.

@Joshua_Kennedy What do you think, could it be possible to keep Bongo 3 connection at Bongo 2 level so that render plugins work with same connection for B2 and B3? Only for some time.

@Nikolay and I are currently working on resolving this crash. I have the issue logged on the Bongo side of things here.

@Joshua_Kennedy Doe’s it mean the current V-Ray plugin could work with Bongo 3 without that the V-ray plugin is modified?

You’ll have to wait for an update from either Bongo or V-Ray to resolve this

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